to Alternative Manufacturing & Design.

Over the course of seven years we have done a plethora of custom fabrication jobs. Staircases, Railings, Structural supports, architectural metal design, metal art and more. Our welders and planners work side by side through each step of our custom work.

While we have moved away from installation and metal supply sales, we are focused ever more readily on fabrication and manufacturing of any size or type of metalwork. To see some of our customers visit the clients page.


In a manufacturing atmosphere, a job that is planned and designed is often carried out multiple times without changing scope very much. Large scale orders of repeat jobs that we have mastered over time create the best results for our customers. Although our passion is as a job shop, true precision and quality comes out of repeatedly re-engineering the jobs we service.

With our quality department acquiring ISO9001:2008 for aerospace work, we have gained a more refined channel of workflow in our facility that benefits all of our customers; Not even aerospace.


Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality assurance system allows us to work on high precision jobs for the aerospace industry. With many of our previous customers now giving us work in the aerospace field we are seeing a greater level of service to all of our clients as well as the new ones we can take on through this certificate.


We have an in house design team comprising of: estimators, who attempt to win bids for work we are offered; engineers, that draw and program the design of the part/job on paper or by computer; planners, where all the team efforts come together for the workflow creation that goes through our shop. Final result is a newborn piece of metal ready for delivery!